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Hello! My name is Michael Myers

A full-stack developer & Shopify developer. Here you will find my portfolio and blog posts.

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Develop full-stack sites and applications using modern technologies like React, Svelte, Astro.

Industry Leader

Run two YouTube channels about Freelance, Shopify Development, and Front-end.


Everyday improving my skills in web development to provide quality work.

Selected Work

Take a look below at some of my featured work for clients from the past few years.


I have been working with a lot of people all over the world. Here you can read what they say about my work.

  • Regina

    Before I asked Mike for help, I watched all his YouTube videos about Shopify. So when I found him on the Internet, I was happy and 100% confident in his work. He completed all the tasks very quickly and clearly. I was very impressed with his attention to detail, quick response to my ‘wishes’. I highly recommend Michael for any Shopify customization or theme development projects. His skills, experience, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any organization or team that he works with.

  • Igor

    Michael's expertise in front-end development and Shopify was invaluable to our project. He consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of web technologies and was able to translate complex technical concepts into layman's terms for the rest of our team. Michael is a quick learner and always willing to take on new challenges, which made him an ideal team member for our rapidly evolving business needs.

  • Andrew

    Thank you - finally someone who starts the job when they say they will. And was able to sort out my shopify theme and help me get to the site to go live! And it was great that he added the code so i could change other parts of the theme also.

  • Ilnura

    Mike's clearly dedicated to their work and takes a professional approach to everything his do. It's clear that Mike has a lot of talent in his field, and he puts it to good use on his projects. The fact that he did an awesome job suggests that he were able to work quickly and efficiently, which is always impressive.